Inglese: MY FAMILY

Hello, my name is Osawaru Gift Isabella. Today I am going to describe myself and my family.

I am 13 years old and I am in 3E. I am a Nigerian. I live in Rome with my family. My favourite food is noodles. In my free time I often like watching movies on my phone or read English books. I have two sisters and a brother. My favourite colour is red. I come from Edo state (it is a state of Nigeria) and grew up in Lagos before I recently moved to Rome a few months ago.

My family’s name is Osawaru. We are not a very big family: it consists of my father, my mother, two sisters and my brother. My father is the head of my family, his name is Mr. Richard Osawaru. He leads the family and makes the major decisions of the family. My mother assists him, her name is Mrs. Ese Osawaru. My siblings are called Victoria, Nancy and Giorgione. We are a happy family although we sometimes argue about our differences, but we always settle and learn to embrace our differences. I am very happy and proud to be part of my family and I really love them. My parents came together to raise my siblings and me perfectly and I am forever grateful. My siblings and I play a lot because we love each other. Even though my siblings are older than me (my sisters both attend university while my brother is still at secondary school), they don’t hesitate to play with me.

We are a happy family and because of that I don’t want to ever part from them because I love them.

– by Osawaru Gift Isabella


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