Last summer I went to Milan by car in August. I saw the “Duomo”, it was fantastic! I also went to the “Jalibee”, the first Filipino fast food in Italy and the food was delicious! The typical Filipino dishes I tried were a dish of spaghetti and fried chicken. The spaghetti recipe is like the typical spaghetti with tomato sauce, but in the Philipino recipe there were pieces of hot dog. In Milan we stayed in a hotel, called “Cavalieri”, there is a swimming pool and a gym! We stayed there one week. I really had a great time!


Of the three months of the summer holidays, I spent the first at home. The second month I went to the sea for 12 days. The third month I returned home and I finished my homework. It was a very relaxing holiday.


During my holidays I went to Ecuador for a month. I went to Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, and visited my grandparents. I also went to Santo Domingo, another city of Ecuador, and visited my uncles and my cousins. Then I also visited a village in Peru. It was very beautiful.


The last summer holidays I didn’t go anywhere but my friends, Rebecca, Mirabelle and Joy came to visit me from Germany. We didn’t visit Rome, but we laughed, joked and really had fun together. Next Christmas holidays I’m meeting them again and I’m very happy. I can’t wait to see them!



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